And then there was light

Giraffe print Coyote Hearts Cross Palm Tree candle holders

Various candle holders by Arizona Tube Art

There you are, pouring foundations at a rate of 10 to 15 a day, keeping 175 people employed, to pouring 1 (one, uno) in the last 3 years.  What do you do now? If you’re Bela, you start ‘smoking pipe’, torching tube, . . . making art?  No, he didn’t go to the dark side.  Bela took things that were used to maintain the concrete business, some CNC knowledge and parts for do-it-yourself CNC builders and designed a machine that guides a plasma torch (‘torching’ and ‘smoking’) around a steel pipe ( or ‘tube’).  It allows him to cut fascinating designs out of steel pipe or tubing from 2 inches to over 8 inches in diameter.  So far his new company, Arizona Tube Art, has created some very unique items.  They include, but no limited to candle holders, luminaries, projections, light fixtures and home address signs.  The company’s website is

Even though they only started in January of 2012, Arizona Tube Art now has over 80 designs and growing, and have done a least as many custom designs.  Custom work is very reasonably priced and can be done a few days.  They discovered that placing a real votive candle into some of their designs, allows them to produce a much larger image onto the surrounding walls.

Rock & Roll guitar candle holder projection

Arizona Tube Art's Rock & Roll Guitar candle holder